5 Signs of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance can be defined as a heightened sense of awareness that allows a person to gain insight into the future or supernatural events. It is also commonly referred to as a sixth sense, extrasensory perception (ESP), telepathy or psychic awareness.

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This heightened state of awareness can be induced or is innate in some individuals and can be improved using a variety of methods. Signs of clairvoyance may include:

1. Intuition

Intuition is basically a feeling that something is about to happen whether this is a positive or negative event. Although this is normally attributed to women (female intuition) men can be just as intuitive as females. Intuition can vary in degrees from a slight feeling of discomfort or anxiety (or happiness and elation), without there being any reason for these emotions. Strong intuition can however be very detailed and provide the clairvoyant with specific information regarding an event, especially in the future.

2. Dreams

Everybody dreams and in many cultures and religions across the world, it is believed that dreams have a predictive quality or are a means to tap into the supernatural world. Most people don’t remember their dreams or pay much attention to them yet this is a very strong sign of clairvoyance.

It is recommended to write dreams down immediately upon waking and focus on the details in order to determine if they have a psychic quality. Dream interpretation may also be helpful in evaluating dreams as a sign of clairvoyance. Lucid dreaming, where an individual has the power to interact and control their dreams, is another sign of psychic ability.

3. Auras

Many people actually have the ability to see auras and are unaware of the fact. Just like most psychic abilities, the power to see auras needs to be practiced and sharpened. Simply by squinting the eyes and allowing the vision to go out of focus (in the same way as looking at a 3d picture), the capacity to see auras may be revealed. The more often the skill is used, the more color, light and texture auras will reveal.

4. Imagine

Drifting off into daydreams and a powerful imagination are characteristics that are often viewed as childish by general society. Not so by the psychic community and this can often be a sign of being clairvoyant. People who had an imaginary friend as a child or vividly see the details of a story are more likely to be psychic. Imagination opens the mind and the spirit to receive extrasensory information from the universe.

5. Creativity

Clairvoyants are often also very creative and drawn to nature. This creativity can take many forms from simple arts and crafts to home decor and design or even music and dance. Clairvoyants are often regarded as eccentric due to their creativity taking over the way they dress, decorate and live their lives.

Most people are considered to have some innate extrasensory abilities. However, the signs of clairvoyance are not always enough to draw out psychic abilities and just like any natural skill or talent, need to be nurtured and practiced.