The Role of Free-Will and Destiny In Psychic Readings

love spellMany people don’t have a clear understanding of psychic readings and to what extent the predictions are “written in stone.” Many people believe psychic readings are a prediction of what is going to happen with no wiggle room. However, most psychic predictions are just that, a prediction, and just like weather predictions psychic reading don’t always pan out.

The Role of Destiny

Many people believe in fate and, with the help of the top rated psychics, will predetermine many aspects of their lives. They believe certain events have been prearranged previous to our incarnation for the purpose of the growth of the soul. However, not everything is preordained, but some of the bigger events in a person’s life, like who they will marry, often seem to be.

For example, most psychics believe no one is born to random people and people stay within the same soul groups for several lifetimes and pick the parents to whom they are born. In fact, most psychics believe people pick their parents, referred to as a “soul contract” well before incarnation. While many life events are predetermined, there are many other happenings that are determined by free will.

The Role of Free Will

It is important to bear in mind that psychic predictions are most certainly influenced by free will. This means that even if a psychic tells you how many children you will have your free will allows you to determine when and how the children will come into your life.

Free will allows people to choose what store to shop at or which restaurant to dine at. Even if our intuition is nudging us in one direction, it is always a person choice whether or not to flow their gut. Said differently, because people have free will they may decide to ignore their intuition and not go to the grocery store or even choose to ignore Miss Right or Mr. Wonderful when he or she is standing right in front of us at the checkout in line.

Many folks are under the erroneous assumption the future can be forecasted with laser-like precision, but the truth is, because of free will, it can’t. Free will allows us to affect the outcome of virtually any situation. If we did not have free will we would just be walking around like marionettes on a string with every single moment of our lives planned out.

Not only would the absences of free will cause an unbelievably boring existent, it also would hinder our ability to learn from our experiences, both bad and good. In the end this means we all have the ability to alter psychic predictions and change the outcome of what was forecasted. This is why even the best psychics in the world sometimes seem to get things wrong.