4 Ways For Spirit Guides To Connect With you

spirit guidesSpirit guides are non-corporeal beings whose role is to help us navigate the maze that’s life. They reside in the realm of the absolute a.k.a ‘the spirit realm‘, which is the opposite of the physical realm.

All of us have spirit guides, but we may not know they exist. They’re most often spirits of dead relatives, ancestors, friends from another life, and the like.

They use a variety of signals to try to communicate with us.


Telepathy is a form of communication where you suddenly hear or see something in your mind. This part of the mind is referred to as �the mind’s eye’. Spirit guides use letters, words, pictures, blocks of thought to connect with us via the mind’s eye.

For instance, you may be experiencing a problem for a prolonged period. Then out of nowhere a solution pops up in your mind, courtesy of the spirit guide.

Sensing a presence

Have you ever felt you’re not alone even though there’s no one there with you? It just might be your spirit guide hanging around to help you. This occurrence is pretty common when you’re creating or composing something that’s of extreme value to you.

It may be art, music, or a piece of writing. But whenever you experience a presence and a surge of positive energy, then you’ve got a helping hand. The energy surge may be in the form of a state of excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, calm or peace.

Little coincidences/synchronicities

You’re thinking about how you’re broke, and then while foraging through your jeans, you find a few notes stashed in the pockets. A particular song on radio or TV, a movie you just rented seems to be addressing your current predicament. All these are signs.

They’re signs your spirit guide is on your case. A friend of mine recently experienced an emergency that required money to solve. Money she didn’t have at the moment. Then out the blue, she felt an urge to check her ATM balance even though she knew it was at zero. She obeyed the impulse and to her utter astonishment, voilà, there was money in her account. Turns out someone had mistakenly loaded her account with money. The money helped her with her emergency, and she later found a way to repay the, unknowingly, Good Samaritan.

Having a recurring dream

Dreams are a great and universal way spirit guides tend to communicate with us. When you experience a recurring dream, it’s best to try to figure out how it relates to your current circumstance.

Keep a dream journal and try to remember dreams immediately you get out of bed. Spirit guides may also use nightmares because they’re easier to remember.

A brilliant exercise you can perform is to assign your spirit guide a name. Such that, whenever you see the name, it becomes a signal, your spirit guide is around.